Interview 02: Riana Møller “Fealasy”

With just 22 years old, this young woman already has a very solid style as wierd and bizarre as her personality. No doubt, we will be hearing from her for a long time.

Hello, Could you introduce yourself to the public?

Umm… I’m Riana Møller aka Fealasy. I doodle a lot, drink a lot of coffee and play too many computer games.

So what are your favorite VG and other influences?

We’ll I probably spent the most time on World of Warcraft, but my favorite is Gears of War. But it was quite short lived. Influence, hmm, I’d say general digital art forums. And random weird comics I find. I do enjoy Daniel Clowes comics a lot. Mostly american comics that drift away from the mainstream DC and Marvel stuff, is great.

Are you buying one specific comic right now?

I just bought Joe Matt’s “The Poor Bastard” last week in a neat comic shop in Berlin. That was great.

When I see your work and think if it would be music, it would be a Punk-hardcore mix. What can you tell us about your style?

It is very inspired by music indeed, I never draw without music on. Both Punk as mentioned, but also by a lot of other music styles. The style is actually killing my bank account these days, I worked very hard on making it personal, and now that I finally made something a bit different, everyone are wanting me to draw more commercial illustrations. I just guess I need to push myself into making a comic book soon, so my style is not just different, but also well know. Until then, I’ll try working as a prison guard to get some money.

It´s recurrent in your journal content about social criticism. How important is for you to expose your ideas not only through images but text?

The text is mostly written when something pisses me utterly off outta nowhere. I adore ranting about issues on forums once in a while, at other times I write the whole rant, but delete it instead of posting it, just to let out some steam. Lately I get more frustrated with every day issues and people on the street rather than the always targeted politicians. Also, drawing a while to create, so when I’m at the end of the picture, I often don’t care about the issue anymore.

So draw really makes you happy.

It makes me relax yeah. Which is the reason why I paint when having to use public transport, or then I get easily angry.

Before you told me, that now that you have a style, they want another thing more commercial… But, have you had any problems due to your themes or presentation of your works?

Yeah, when looking for a job in games, I was once in a while told, that my style was too different. Or at least, that I need to change it. The thing is, that I know, I can change my style for the project I’m working on, I’ve done it the past 6 years. But also, I have a hard time wanting to add work related pictures in my portfolio, since I’m the most proud of my personal images.

I agree with you (and many artists out there) It´s a shame that the general public can love your style, but the directive ones (who know the bussiness) tell you, that your work is not good enough.

I’m never sure who knows better.

I go for the public, they give their money.

It’s a tough choice to make, should one get good at being a hard working but commercial artist? Or fight to become accepted and doing one´s own style? Most can sorta do both when needed to, but not full heartedly.

When you make an illustration what comes first, the image or the meaning?

Depends. Sometimes I just draw a random character and later get a good idea for it´s use. At other times something hits me as a great idea or concept and then it get’s draw later. It´s somewhat 50/50 with me.

Is it easy for any person to think that your work is made by a man? If it is, what´s the answer you´ve got when they find out that you are a girl and that you don´t draw flowers and grassland´s rabbits?

I hardly do anything like a “stereotypical girl” except sitting down when I take a piss that is. Often I feel oddly proud when someone thinks I’m a guy. I just reply with a giggle.

That´s one of the funniest answers I had read


Tell us what do you think about the actual situation in Denmark (talking about art, and the rest of Europe)

I personally find Denmark to be dying when it comes to everything artistic other than opera, modern “shit” art or the few selected brain dead poets the goverment give all their support money to… They are very old fashioned here. Comic, game, concept, design and all sorts of more pro artists don’t get shit in payment or support.

Then is the same than almost everywhere.

We don’t even have decent schools here. Unless they cost a fortune and even then, you’re not sure to land a paying job afterwards.

What are your future goals or how far would you like to get?

Just doing what I like for a living is fine by me. I surely hope to get some sort of comic out there at some point. Getting to work from home, and living in the middle of nowhere in Canada or Scottland, wouldn’t be bad either. Or maybe I’ll just go kill random people one day, if I get bored outta my mind.

You must know the police can read this and go after you.

Hey it’s an interview I’m allowed to say stuff like that. I can also say stuff like “I’ll surely go to Mars and start a new cult that feed on Pez only”

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